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2 Seychelle King pH Pitcher Offer with BONUS Filters

2 Seychelle King pH Pitcher Offer with BONUS Filters

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With this special offer, you will receive:

  • (2) King Pitcher 96oz (PH filter, Filters 200 gallons each)
  • BONUS(2) King Pitcher Filters (100 gallons each filter)
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With this offer you will receive 2 Seychelle King Pitchers with a Bonus of 2 Replacement Filters.


Video – Carl Palmer talks about water contaminants and Seychelle solutions

This BPA-free, streamlined Seychelle® King pH Water Pitcher provides up to 200 gallons of great-tasting, high-quality pH water!

Key Features:

  • Fast-filtering reservoir
  • 8 cup capacity
  • Easy-to-change filter pack
  • Great for R.V’s, camping, and countertop
  • Perfect for filtering tap water
  • Produces up to 200 gallons of filtered water
  • Fits easily in your refrigerator
  • Quick fill lid, no removal required
  • BPA Free
  • Removes up to 90% of Fluoride
  • Retains beneficial trace minerals
  • To be used with chlorinated or disinfected water supply only
  • Not intended for use with private wells, rivers, streams or salt water

What it filters:

The Seychelle® King pH Water Pitcher filter removes up to 99.99% of:

  • Aesthetics – offensive tastes, odors, chlorine, silt, sand, and sediment.
  • Chemicals – industrial VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), PBCs, THMs (Trihalomethanes), detergents; Agricultural SOCs (Synthetic Organic Compounds), pesticides, DDT, etc.
  • Dissolved Solids – harmful heavy metals such as Aluminum, Arsenic, Asbestos, Cadmium, Chromium 6, Fluorides, Copper, Lead, Mercury, etc.
  • Radiologicals – Radon 222
  • Enhances pH – Naturally enhances the alkalinity of source water up to 9.5 pH*to support your bodies delicate pH balance. The filter naturally leaves pure, high-quality pH water to flush toxins, aid in digestion and hydrate the body more efficiently.

(This filter is designed to be used as a drinking water filter for use with chlorinated municipal water.)

*Your results may vary

California Residents Click Here For Proposition 65 Warning

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