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Ancient Mysteries of The Dead Sea Scrolls Offer

Ancient Mysteries of The Dead Sea Scrolls Offer

Ancient Mysteries of The Dead Sea Scrolls Offer

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  • One (1) The Lost Prophecies of Qumran: 2025 and the Final Age of Man Book

  • One (1) Ancient Mysteries of the Essenes: The Ken Johnson Collection Book

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With this offer you will receive:

One (1) The Lost Prophecies of Qumran: 2025 and the Final Age of Man Book

Who could have known how much influence the writings of a mysterious group of prophets and scribes hundreds of years before Christ would have on our understanding of end times prophecy? As it turns out, much of what we’ve been taught about Israel in the First Century is incomplete. There were, in fact, Jewish believers who knew exactly what to expect in the coming Messiah: that He would be God in the flesh and would die for our sins. If they accurately predicted the first arrival of Jesus, what did they say about His soon return?

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn:

  • How an ancient Jewish calendar actually predicts the year 2025 AD as prophetically significant
  • How the enigmatic group, known as the Essenes, formed and what influence they had over the New Testament
  • Lost prophecies only recently discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls about our time today
  • What messages the Essenes left behind for believers living in this present age
  • How the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation fit within the ancient Essene timetable
  • What hidden feasts and festivals the Essenes observed and what they point to in the future
  • What were the circumstances of the disappearance of the Essenes and how it connects to every Christian from the past two thousand years

Once you learn about the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls they left behind, you will understand the entirety of the Bible in a brand new light. Finally, the prophetic texts of Scripture can be understood as originally intended. Discover what God is revealing in these final years of our current age and what is ahead in the next age, soon to come!

One (1) Ancient Mysteries of the Essenes: The Ken Johnson Collection Book

The Ancient Mysteries of the Essenes: The Ken Johnson Collection is the groundbreaking research involving the ancient Essene community, their astonishingly accurate prophecies, and what they foretell for our immediate future.

n Part 1: The Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar and the Prophecies it Reveals, a mysterious 364-day solar calendar used by the ancients from the time of Creation to about 170 BC is finally recreated. In this section you will learn about God’s original solar calendar and discover what prophecies it perfectly revealed, and those coming next, which were deliberately hidden from mankind until the appointed time. Learn about these imminent appointments and how to start using the original calendar God gave us.

In Part 2: Ancient Testaments of the Patriarchs: Autobiographies from the Dead Sea Scrolls fragments of twenty hidden prophetic texts found in the Dead Sea scrolls are published including the testaments of Enos (Adam’s grandson), Enoch, Lamech (Noah’s father), Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Levi, Judah, Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin, Kohath (son of Levi, and father of Amram), Amram (father of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam), and Aaron. Discover what these extra-biblical prophecies say about the Messiah, including Aaron’s warning of the Messiah’s First Coming.

Finally, in Part 3: Ancient Order of Melchizedek astonishing facts about Melchizedek are finally deciphered. For the first time, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the ancient church fathers, and other rare history books reveal the mystery of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek, which the apostle Paul spoke of in the book of Hebrews, and why this priesthood was and is different than the priesthood of Levi. Why the Messiah was ordained after the order of Melchizedek, and how the facts around this mysterious order dynamically effects Christian theology and practical applications for our Christian walk today.

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Dr. Ken Johnson, Josh Peck

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