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Bee Alive Ginseng Energy Bundle

Bee Alive Ginseng Energy Bundle

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With this offer you will receive:

(1)Sweet Energy Formula

(1)Energy Serge Box (4 Vials)

(2) Ginseng Bottles (60 Capsules TOTAL)

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With this offer you will receive:

(1) Sweet Energy Formula

One of our most potent formulas, Sweet Energy Formula™

  • Provides a generous 1,066 mgs of Royal Jelly.
  • Royal Jelly and blend it with natural honey for a delicious taste.
  • Providing core energy,
  • stamina
  • vitality
  • Harvested from the finest hand-selected hives in parts of Asia

How to use.

  • Delicious Straight from the Jar, Spread on Toast or Mixed with Yogurt!
  • Take just one teaspoon of Sweet Energy Formula™ every day to naturally boost your energy levels so that you begin living a more energized life!*

 (1) Energy Serj (4 Vials)

  • Support mental performance and powerful antioxidant benefits.
  • Used for stamina.
  • Liver support
  • Contains NO CAFFEINE or stimulant and crash herbs like many energy drinks

Adaptogens are known to increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional and environmental stress.

(2) Ginseng Capsules

  • increased mental clarity, improved mood
  • may also help promote restful sleep when taken just before bed.
  • Encapsulated in a vegetable-based shell
  • Each bottle contains 30 Capsules, a one-month supply
  • Ginseng capsules:
  1. a) Help provide smooth energy, vibrancy & mental clarity
  2. b) Support energy & relaxation (adapts to body’s needs)
  3. c) Manage the adverse effects of stress
  4. d) Help support your body to achieve homeostatic balance


BeeAlive respects what nature has created.

BeeAlive products contain only fresh, never freeze dried Royal Jelly to preserve its complete nutrition and superfood goodness. Many companies freeze-dry Royal Jelly because it is convenient and inexpensive, but scientific research has shown freeze-drying causes Royal Jelly to lose many nutritional benefits. Benefits of nature’s precious substance have been observed in studies using only fresh, non freeze-dried Royal Jelly.

Our Values

  • Authenticity. Nature has provided everything we need to achieve inside-out health. We source the purest ingredients from nature, and choose organic solutions, to ensure you the highest quality and completely natural products.
  • Sustainability. In the same way bees utilize the pollen of plants to sustain the abundance of nature, we strive to give back to the honeybee population currently in decline. We sponsor honeybee research programs and initiatives to save the bees, and kick-started an educational apiary in New Jersey that is home to multiple hives. In addition to sustaining our bees, we practice sustainability in our manufacturing practices. All BeeAlive packaging is fully recyclable so we can give back to our earth.
  • Honesty. We are transparent and forthcoming about product claims, clinical results, ingredients and sustainability and production practices because we value your trust.
  • Health and Well-Being.We want your body to achieve its fullest potential. We are proud to provide only products made from nature’s finest ingredients that Help Your Body Help Itself.
  • Quality. We adhere to a strict set of standards and operating procedures to provide only the finest products. Every batch of Royal Jelly that goes into our products is tested by independent, third-party laboratories to ensure its quality and purity. At our very own distribution center, we’ve taken steps to guarantee delivery to you will be quick, timely and efficient. And because we are always staying on top of new developments in natural ingredients and Royal Jelly, you can be confident our products are ones everyone will be buzzing about.

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Donna Nylund
1 month 28 days ago

Does this product, Ginseng, come in a monthly bundle?

1 month 4 days ago

Thanks for your interest in the Bee Alive products. At this time Ginseng is not offered in a monthly bundle.


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