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Bishop Ron Webb Library Offer

Bishop Ron Webb Library aOffer

Bishop Ron Webb Library Offer

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  • One (1) Bishop Ron Webb Library Offer
  • One (1) Gloria Wilderness EP CD

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With this offer you will receive:

One (1) Bishop Ron Webb Library Offer

One (1) Scar Wars Book

  • Scars remind us of earlier wounds that healed but left living testimonies of circumstances and events that we endured and survived. Jesus has the most impactful scar story of all ages. If Jesus was willing to show His scars for the edification and comfort and hope of others, and we are supposed to be like Jesus, why are we afraid to show our wounds and scars?
  • Jesus knows what we are going through, and He knows how our scars can influence and shape our lives and futures. This book shines light on your past wounds and helps you understand how to let God use your scars to touch lives for His glory.

One (1) Leadership Behind the Scenes Book

  • In Leadership From Behind the Scenes, Dr. Ron Webb provides Biblically-based advice to assist ministers from all faiths in their role as leaders in God’s kingdom. Ministers are called to lead, to counsel and to encourage, but sometimes need the same guidance in their lives. This book will help ministers understand the challenges of church leadership, and how to become better shepherds and Christians as they live a life of service to others.

One (1) Shaking Hands with Wisdom Book

  • “Shaking Hands with Wisdom,” is an epic tool that is needed in the lives of every mentor and mentee. Authors Bishop Ron Webb and Amber M. Brown share powerful revelation that will challenge you to learn how to help and serve others. Mentorship is a special part of God’s plan of keeping the world going and operating in Wisdom and Excellence. From the knowledge gained by the authors, they will show us that when walking in mentorship, the mentee will have different experiences than the mentor and vise versa. Also, when you put them both together,
    we can visit the values and intentions of true mentorship at its core. “Shaking Hands with Wisdom,” will give you strategies to reach back and pull others to where you are, only to help them grow and push them even further than you. We always want others to become more! Many talk about mentorship and the importance of it. But there’s nothing like reading a book written and collaborated by both the mentor and the mentee first hand to guide, challenge, and charge you to seek more not just for yourself but to pass what you learn unto others.

One (1) Exposing the Enemy From Behind the Scenes Book

  • Spirits are real, both good and evil. God is a Spirit and the devil operates from the spirit world. Ephesians 6:12 tells us “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against…
  • The more on Fire a person is for God, the more spiritual warfare they are likely to encounter. We are the watchmen for the Kingdom. It’s our responsibility, as well as our privilege, to sound the alarm and protect our Christian brothers and sisters.

One (1) Gloria Wilderness EP CD

Songs Included

  • Amazing Grace
  • Take My Hand Precious Lord
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Down at the Cross
  • God is Real

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Gloria Wilderness, Bishop Ron Webb

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