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Christmas Variety Bucket

Christmas Variety Bucket

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With this special Offer you will receive one (1) Christmas Variety Bucket.

The Christmas Variety Bucket is truly a gift of life!

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The Christmas Variety Bucket is truly a gift of life!  At Christmas time we cannot help but want to give to others. We look for the perfect gift for those we care about. We help others in our neighborhood because of the  blessings that have been given to us each and every day. Christ IS Christmas and Christmas IS the time for Giving. What better gift than something delicious that gives peace of mind in knowing that you are helping others prepare for emergencies!  The Christmas Variety Bucket is a wonderful kind of insurance that your loved ones, your neighbors and even your church would be happy to receive! And don’t forget to get one for you too!

Total Servings:  229 servings of Food

(17 Varieties of Food) 30 Year Shelf Life

  • 29,030 CALORIES
  • Comes with White Box Wrapped and Printed with a Red Ribbon


(1)   Creamy Wheat Cereal (8 Servings)

(1)   Buttermilk Pancakes (6 Servings)

(1)   Morning Moo’s Milk Low Fat Alternative (20 Servings)

(1)   Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice (8 Servings)

(1)   Black Bean Burger (12 Servings)

(1)   Cream of Chicken Flavored Soup (8 Servings)

(1)   Mushroom Rice Pilaf (8 Servings)

(1)   Creamy Potato Soup (8 Servings)

(1)   Cheesy Broccoli Rice (8 Servings)

(1)   Spaghetti Marinara (8 Servings)

(1)   Long Grain White Rice (15 Servings)

(1)   Pinto Beans (26 Servings)

(1)   Chili Mix (8 Servings)

(1)   Mashed Potatoes (8 Servings)

(1)   Sweetened Banana Chips (8 Servings)

(1)   Vanilla Pudding (10 Servings)

(1)   Colombian Coffee (60 Servings)


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Would like to use the discount code as offered on this order,and on the show you said free shipping! Please advise! Thank you Cynthia Cameron Ripley,

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Unfortunately, we do not offer free shipping on the Christmas Variety Bucket.

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