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Deluxe Coffee & Creamer Bucket – Augason Farms®

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
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Deluxe Coffee & Creamer Bucket – Augason Farms®

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With this offer you will receive eight (8) Freeze Dried Columbian Coffee, one (1) Vanilla Pudding, one (1) Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk. 510 Servings.


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Sometimes the most amazing part of a day is a hot, creamy, cup of coffee! That’s what this offer is all about; the comfort of home with Colombian coffee that you may indulge in anytime, anywhere.  This is a wonderful staple for your emergency food stash, camping, or to enjoy right now in your home. In this offer you will receive eight freeze dried smooth, rich Colombian Coffee resealable pouches that have 60 servings per pouch!  Do you want cream for your coffee? Also included in this offer is one pouch of Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk with 20 servings and for a delicious and special desert we are adding one vanilla pudding pouch to make 10 servings of a smooth and satisfying special treat!  Be ready for anything, but don’t sacrifice your coffee!

With this offer you will receive eight (8) Freeze Dried Columbian Coffee Pouches-60 servings per pouch, one (1) Vanilla Pudding Pouch-10 servings per pouch, one (1) Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk Pouch-20 servings per pouch.

Resealable Pouches

510 Servings Total


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Partner Reviews


5.0 (based on 2 reviews)

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  1. 5out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’m a military vet who served many years in Europe. It was there I started drinking the real authentic Italian cappuccino and espresso from true baristas. Now that I am stateside, everywhere I go I try the different coffee shops looking for something close to the authentic espresso. Today, I opened a coffee packet to test it out. I placed a rounded tablespoon in a smaller coffee cup with frothed milk and sugar. People, this tastes nearly identical to the espressos and rich cappuccino’s I drank in Europe at their coffee houses! It is MUCH better than the very expensive and popular starbucks coffee places here in USA. I really was surprised just how good it tastes. My expectations were greatly exceeded. Buying a couple more buckets for self and family members. The cost savings alone is awesome. Highly highly recommend. I have the Moo’s milk already and it also is delicious. Has a rich almost whipped cream flavor. Well done Auguson Farms!!!

  2. 5out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I opened a packet to test this out. I like iced coffee so I made up a glass the way I make it normally. It’s great! Nice rich coffee flavor. Next one I make perhaps a tad less coffee. I love iced coffee. Most grocery store already made ice coffee only have sweetened on the shelf. I can’t have that too much sugar. I don’t see this being just survivor coffee. May be my everyday go to coffee fix! Thanks Jim, Lori, & Mark for making this!

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Partner Questions & Answers

ktrina barlow
1 year 2 months ago

Dos this coffee come in DECAFFEINATED?

Caleb Martin
1 year 2 months ago


It does not come decaffeinated.

Thank you,
We appreciate your business.

1 year 2 months ago

Hello. I am trying to find out the ingredients on the coffee/creamer bucket.

Caleb Martin
1 year 2 months ago


The product images we’re updated you should see a close up of the nut panel now.

Thank you,
We appreciate your business


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