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Encounters Book

Encounters Book

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With this offering, you will receive: (1) Encounters book by Allie Anderson & Donna Howell

Shipping Included in the Continental US

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With this offering, you will receive: (1) Encounters book by Allie Anderson & Donna Howell

Shipping Included in the Continental US


  • What are angels? For many people, the word prompts images of glowing, winged, female-type creatures who enlighten, nurture, and guide people here on earth. Some believe them to be spirit guides or benefactors, while others see them as mere protectors. Many people believe that they can be summoned or beckoned at the will of humans, while others do not believe in their existence at all.
  • But, what does the Bible say that they are?
  • Envision around you, day and night, a valiant, thriving battle between good and evil, raging within a shrouded jurisdiction. This army surrounds you each step you take, intervenes on your behalf, and wages spiritual warfare when the human soul is at stake.
  • Angels are the servants of the Almighty God: His messengers, agents of His will, and silent guardians who keep watch when you think you are alone. In Encounters, myths regarding these beings are dispelled, their strength is revealed, their mission disclosed, and unanswered questions finally addressed according to Scripture.
  • In Encounters, you will read:
  • Stories of angelic intervention as told by those who experienced it
  • How misconceptions regarding these beings came to be, and how the early church unintentionally propagated the myth that these creatures are weak
  • How the plight of Joan of Arc impacts your views of angels
  • Answers to lingering questions such as whether holy angels can default from God’s army, have wings, or read our minds
  • The biblical answers to tough questions such as whether we should attempt to beckon angels to carry out our requests, communicate with them, or seek them out as “spirit guides”
  • The fierce capacity of angels’ powers including their strength in warfare, ability to fly, and how they manipulate earthly elements to carry out God’s will
  • Angels’ involvement in Old-Testament judgment, Jesus’ New-Testament ministry, and their role in futuristic, prophetic events
  • How occurrences in the modern world show signs of heightened angelic activity and what this means for the believer
  • In addition to this information, this book provides a glossary which clarifies the meanings of many enigmatic “angel” terms such as “living creatures,” “thrones,” “virtues,” and even “Christophany/theophany.”

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