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Fiesta Bucket

30-day-fiesta-bucketfiesta-bucket-meal-1fiesta-bucket-meal-2Spanish RiceFreeze Dried Chicken and Fajita SeasoningTaco TVPRefried BeansTortillasScrambled Eggs with Bacon BitsCorn ChipsCheese SauceEnchilada Red SauceSalsaShredded Cheese

Fiesta Bucket

SKU: 902558.

The Fiesta Bucket has all the fixin’s to make delicious Mexican favorites for breakfast, entrées and appetizers with the flexibility to make it your way.

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The Fiesta Bucket has all the fixings to make delicious Mexican favorites for breakfast, entrées and appetizers with the flexibility to make it your way. Includes 196 Servings.

Prepare entrées like Quesadillas, Chicken Fajitas, Tacos, Cheesy Nachos, Enchiladas and Burritos in your own signature style! The pouch of eggs with imitation bacon can be a nutritious addition to the Breakfast Burritos, or standalone scrambled eggs smothered in cheese and salsa. Taco Salad with a side of rice and beans is a great option for a quick meal! Or you may just want to snack on the corn chips with generous helpings of salsa!

All ingredients are packaged in pouches and sealed in an easy-to-transport pail; perfect for everyday Mexican meals as well as long-term emergency food storage.

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Ingredients Servings
Spanish Rice 8
Freeze Dried Chicken 8
Taco TVP 8
Refried Beans 16
Tortillas 48
Scrambled Eggs with imitation Bacon Flavored Bits 12
Corn Chips 16
Enchilada Red Sauce 16
Fajita Seasoning 8
Cheese Sauce 8
Shredded Cheese 16
Salsa 32


Product Size

4 Gallon Bucket

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Partner Questions & Answers

Nancy Wright
3 months 11 days ago

How large is your servings. Ex 1 cup, 1/2 cup? And calories per serving?

3 months 10 days ago

Serving sizes and calories vary based on each individual recipe. A link to download the nutritional information can be found in the full description above.

june Platts
6 months 20 days ago

can you ship to UK please?

6 months 17 days ago

Shipping for orders outside of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico is not available at this time. Unfortunately the cost of duties, taxes, and customs clearance makes it very difficult for us to make this option available. In some cases, these charges can inflate the cost of shipping to be more than 2 or 3 times what the donation prices is for the item.

3 months 30 days ago

What would the price be if I were to cover these costs for this particular item, also to the UK?

Also, how is this food prepared? After a nuclear strike on the U.K. I do not expect to have a kitchen. The USA is more likely to suffer a land invasion, I believe.

3 months 29 days ago

We are unable to offer international shipping outside of the U.S. and Canada at this time.

In regards to the preparation of the food, most of the recipes can be prepared by simply adding water during survival situations. The tortillas included in the Fiesta Bucket would need to be prepared using a heat source such as a fire or stove.

In situations where a heating source is a available, the recipes can be prepared by adding water and bringing to a boil.


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