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Fitness & Weight Management Bundle

Fitness & Weight Management Bundle

This Offer Includes

  • One (1) Complete Essentials
  • One (1) BEST (Brain, Energy, STamina)
  • One (1) Smoothie Recipe Electronic book (ebook)
  • One (1) 21 Meal Recipe Electronic Book (ebook)
  • One (1) Shaker
  • One (1) The Sad Truth of US Nutrition & How to Fix it DVD
  • One (1) Aging without Decline Seminar DVD
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One (1) Complete Essentials

  • High potency multivitamin shake with powerful detoxifying ingredients.  Derived from over 1 pound of broccoli and 30 other non-gmo fruits and vegetables and grasses.
  • 30 Servings per Box

Optivida Complete Essentials provides your body:

  • 100% Daily Value of 12 vitamins from fruits and vegetables
  • 8 Detoxifying greens, grasses, and fruits
  • 20 plant derived enzymes for optimal digestion
  • 15 strains of probiotics founded on four decades of research
  • 22 whole food antioxidants and botanical
  • 8 ph Nutrients


  • Plant based nutrition at its finest. BEST is our proprietary Plant Phytonutrient Complex, created to help athletes reach optimal performance.
  • CherryPURE® Tart Cherry powder, full of potent antioxidants to help support cartilage and joint function, relieve exercise related muscle soreness and reduce fatigue.
  • Plant-based replenishment of vitamins for full body support.

One (1) Smoothie Recipe Electronic Book (Ebook)

  • 72 Recipes – 31 recipes in energy/stamina and 41 in weight loss

One (1) 21 Meal Recipe Electronic Book (Ebook)

  • 21 day custom meal plan designed to reset your metabolism for weight management

One (1) Shaker

  • Heavy-duty bpa-free plastic
  • Seals tight

One (1) The Sad Truth of US Nutrition & How to Fix it DVD

  • This is a 45-minute seminar taught by Frank Davis
  • Frank explains the nutritional challenge that we face as the U.S. food supply has changed over the last 70 years.
  • Because of new farming practices, pesticides, transportation, processing and cooking the U.S. population gets only a fraction of the nutrition that was once part of fresh food. Combine that with the change in diet and you can see the reason for the huge increase in chronic diseases.

One (1) Aging without Decline Seminar DVD

  • 1 hour seminar on Aging with out Decline with Frank Davis & Dr. Chris Bailey taped at Morningside

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Partner Questions & Answers

15 days 4 hours ago

Can I take the Brain Essentials and the Complete Essentials at the same time in some juice?

14 days 11 hours ago

Yes, you can do them together in some juice or water if you would like, or you can do them separately; whichever you would prefer. Have a blessed day.


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