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Founders Bible

Founders Bible

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With this offer, you will receive: (1) Founders Bible

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With this offer, you will receive: (1) Founders Bible

Shipping Included in the Continental US

  • Over 50 major articles (400+ pages) covering themes
    • Our Most Sacred Treasure: The Bible
    • Is America a Christian Nation?
    • What is the Separation of Church and State?
    • Escape from Tyranny
  • Trusted Updated New American Standard Bible Reference Edition
  • 2312 pages
    • 2240 two-color Bible pages
    • 72 full-color insert pages
    • Articles written by noted Signature Historian, David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders, and others
  • Original artwork from master illustrator and oil painter C. Michael Dudash throughout the Bible as well as hundreds of historical paintings and sketches
  • Over 450 pages of embedded commentary highlighting Biblical insight and wisdom from the Founders on a wide range of topics
  • Over 160 biographies or insightful quotes from various Founders and other influential people of history and the Founding Era.
  • Our Founding Documents
    • The Declaration of Independence
    • The Constitution
    • The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments
  • 66 Bible Book introductions and Outlines
  • Subject Index
  • Concordance
  • Colonial and Bible Maps
  • Beautiful Family Tree of Life section for recording
    • Family Ancestry
    • Significant Family Events
    • Family’s Spiritual Journey
  • Font size: Medium

In the Founders’ Bible signature historian David Barton shares the true story of how God used the brilliance of the Founding Fathers. These men believed resistance to tyranny was a Christian duty because they were defending God-given rights. Such men as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Rush, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin established the firm foundations of the soon-to-be country; they made sure it was steadfastly planted in the Word of God.

These great, God-fearing men were put in just the right place at just the right time by the hand of God to fashion a nation that would promote freedom, discover equality, honor faith, and providentially be a source of great blessing to the nations of the world! As a nation, with our backs to the wall, facing a looming cliff of disaster, we would do well to rediscover the wisdom of the Founders. These were the men who courageously laid the groundwork and built the foundation that made our nation great.

The Founders’ Bible uses the trusted, updated New American Standard Bible (NASB), recognized by scholars as the most accurate, word for word translation of the Scriptures in the English language. With over 1000 pages of in-depth culturally relevant articles, insightful Biblical commentary from the Founders on a wide range of topics, and some of the most inspiring history of this nation’s founding and the destiny and purpose God intended.

The supplementary material will inspire readers with renewed hope and appreciation for the sacrifice that was made to found this great nation, the unwavering commitment our Founding Fathers had to the importance to the Word of God for our lives as individuals, for shaping and guiding our society, and for providing the foundations of our unique system of government that has produced the most enduring legacy of freedom any nation has ever known. Knowing where we came from will provide invaluable wisdom for where we are headed and what we can do to reclaim our lost heritage.

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