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FUEL-LESS™ Generator Expansion Pack & Accessories

FUEL-LESS™ Generator Expansion Pack & Accessories

With this special offer you will receive one (1) FUEL-LESS™ Generator Expansion Battery, one (1) EMP Bag, one (1) 3-Strand Light Kit, and one (1) 12 Volt Electric Blanket.

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With this special offer you will receive one (1) FUEL-LESS™ Generator Expansion Battery, one (1) EMP Bag, one (1) 3-Strand Light Kit, and one (1) 12 Volt Electric Blanket.

Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator Expansion Battery

Expand the run-time of your FUEL-LESS™ Generator by up to 3 times with the Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator Expansion Battery!

For use with Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator only. Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator sold separately.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 17.25″ L  x 10.625″ H x 6.875 ” H
Weight: 42 lbs (19.05 kg)

Technical Specifications


Internal lithium battery pack: 100 A/h (1200 W/h) capacity
Cycle life: 2000 cycles
Minimum charge time: 5.0 hours
Charge retention: 1 year
Connects to main unit via the included External Pack Connector Cable


This bag, designed for the Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator, protects your generator from unexpected electrical interference. Electromagnetic pulses (or EMPs) can disrupt and even damage your electronics, but this bag, made of woven copper mesh, will block any harmful frequencies. It is lightweight and easy to fold up and pack. The EMP bag is made of thick, sturdy material that can withstand movement and weight.

The EMP bag protects against

  • EMPs
  • HEMPs
  • Lightning
  • Solar flares
  • Other transient electromagnetic fields

Your generator is a worthwhile investment, so its protection is paramount; the EMP bag is a must-have protective accessory for your Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator.

Bonus: The EMP bag also comes with a free EMP pouch for additional electronic devices like your phone or tablet.

4.72″ W x 24.25″ H x 11.02″ D

Note that the bag creates an ideal snug fit, but that also makes it slightly difficult to maneuver alone. Have a friend help you open the bag and place the generator inside. Once it’s in, it’s easy to fasten.


12 Volt Electric Blanket

The 12 Volt Electric Fleece Blanket provides gentle heat and is the perfect accessory for the Fuel-Less Generator. It can also be used wherever you have a 12 volt plug, in your car, boat, or RV. The blanket is large enough to cover two people while the cord is long enough to reach the back seat of the car for the kids. Completely safe, the blanket can be set to automatically turn off after 30 or 45 minutes.

Dimensions: 150cm X 110cm


3-Strand Light Kit

12 Volt 3-Strand Light Kit features 3 2-Watt DC Long Lasting Bulbs with individual power switch and 15 Ft. cord.

BULB RUN TIME (When used in conjunction with Amazing Battery Charger and 2 Watt DC long lasting bulbs)

  • 1 Bulb = 12 Hours
  • 2 Bulbs = 7 Hours
  • 3 Bulbs = 4.5 Hours


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Partner Questions & Answers

1 year 9 days ago

Hello, where would I go to finance? I see financing available, but do not know where to go. Thank you 🙂

1 year 8 days ago

Thank you, but I guess I’m not seeing where We would apply and yes only for the 2 of them.😊

1 year 8 days ago

To learn more about financing, you can select the “Learn More About Financing” button on either of the product pages that offer financing or you can view the following link: https://store.jimbakkershow.com/financing-faqs/

1 year 9 days ago
1 year 5 months ago

Are you able to use this battery with the previous generator I purchased a year ago?

1 year 5 months ago

The Expansion Battery is specifically designed for use with the New Expandable Fuel-Less Generator.

1 year 6 months ago

Zack said that with the Expansion Pack the wattage was “tripled”, that would make the wattage 1800 watts. Please tell me if the wattage is tripled or doubled (1200) watts? Thanks, Keith

1 year 5 months ago

The Expansion Battery has a max capacity of 1200 Watt hours. When used in conjunction with the Expandable FUEL-LESS™ Generator, this would increase your max battery capacity to 1800 Watt hours. The battery capacity determines how long the generator will run your device. The max continuous output is 1500 Watts. With the expansion battery connected, this means you can run a 1500 Watt device using the generator for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes or a 600 Watt device for 3 hours and so on.


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