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Why God Hates Open Borders Bundle

Why God Hates Open Borders Bundle

Why God Hates Open Borders Bundle

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  • Why God Hates Open Borders by Dr. Francis Myles

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  • Why God Hates Open Borders by Dr. Francis Myles

The ascension of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States, whether you are a FAN or FOE is a harbinger of things to come – the global fight for the soul of nations between those who believe in national sovereignty and those who believe in open borders and a borderless society. In this riveting book, “WHY GOD HATES OPEN BORDERS,” Francis Myles confronts the underlying spiritual currents behind the march toward open borders by globalists and those on the Progressive-Left. He dissects the problem of “open borders” from a biblical perspective to help people of faith understand what is truly at stake. This book will answer questions such as:

1. What’s behind the march towards a borderless society?

2. Why an America with open borders is so important to those on the Progressive-Left?

3.What is the spiritual connection between the ancient Tower of Babel and today’s Progressive agenda?

4.Is Donald Trump a modern-day Nehemiah?

5.Is the fight for national sovereignty rooted in racism?

6.Does God’s Kingdom have an Immigration Policy?

7. How can American Christians pray for America?

Plus much more!

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