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Hormone and Thyroid Zone Offer

Hormone and Thyroid Zone Offer

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This Offer Includes:

  • One (1) Hormone Zone Capsules
  • One (1) Thyroid Zone Capsules


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One (1) Hormone Zone Capsules

  • Great hormone function is one of the biggest keys to health and metabolism. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles and busy schedules can cause adults to feel frazzled, tired, and depleted.
  • Divine Health Hormone Zone is a 3-in-1 supplement designed to support your hormone levels and help you reach your health goals. It combines three powerful nutrients in their most effective dosages and forms: vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and Diindolylmethane (DIM).
  • Together, these powerful ingredients work to promote:
    • Healthy hormone levels throughout adulthood
    • Optimal estrogen ratios and testosterone levels
    • Bone density and reduced risk of fractures
    • Dental health
    • Immune function
    • Cardiovascular health
    • Healthy skin
    • Daily energy
    • Healthy weight
  • Here’s how each serving will work for you:
  • Vitamin D3 is a prohormone, or nutrient that is readily converted to its hormone form in the body. It is extremely important for myriad of health functions, including calcium regulation, mental health, immune function, healthy bones and teeth, and metabolism.
  • Vitamin K2, or menaquinone, is often overlooked as an important nutrient, but it’s becoming clear that it K2 has many specific, important functions in the body. Vitamin K2 is extremely important for bone health, especially in post-menopausal women.
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) is an important compound produced by our bodies when we eat cruciferous vegetables.  If you’ve ever heard the advice to eat more greens to lower breast risk, it’s due to the resulting production of DIM.

One (1) Thyroid Zone Capsules

  • Thyroid Zone’s balanced formula will ensure that you consume the right amount of each nutrient, not too much or too little. It takes out the guesswork and delivers what your thyroid needs to stay healthy.
  • Thyroid Zone supports:
    • Optimal Thyroid Hormone Production
    • T4 to T3 Conversion
    • Thyroid Hormone Activation
    • Balanced Iodine Levels
    • Optimal Thyroid Enzymes And Function
    • Protection of the Thyroid From Oxidative Stress
    • Weight Loss
    • Healthy Metabolism
    • Balanced Energy

Each serving packs a punch of important minerals, vitamins, and herbs that are crucial to healthy thyroid function.

These include:

Iodine Your body simply needs iodine to make enough thyroid hormone. 

Selenium Maintains the balance of iodine in the thyroid; without it, unrestricted iodine levels would lead to destruction of the thyroid gland cells.

Zinc This important pathway is required for activating thyroid hormone.

Copper Copper deficiency can affect the hypothalamus, leaving it unable to regulate thyroid hormone effectively.

Vitamins A, D3, and B12 These vitamins decrease your risk of thyroid disease and neurological damage. What’s more, they support energy production and vitality.

Ashwagandha extract. This amazing herb supports thyroid function by decreasing thyroid stimulating hormone and increasing T3 levels.

Guggul extract. Guggel is a natural gum resin that supports thyroid health.

Coleus Forskohlii. Coleus Forskohlii improves low thyroid function by activating enzymes in the thyroid.

L-Tyrosine, Schizandra, Kelp, Bladderwrack, and Cayenne all further support thyroid function by supplying needed precursors to T4, supplying natural iodine, improving metabolism, and supporting important thyroid enzymes and cells.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

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