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Masquerade & Final Kingdom Offer

Masquerade & Final Kingdom Offer

Masquerade & Final Kingdom Offer

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  • One (1) Masquerade & Final Kingdom Offer

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With this offer you will receive:

One (1) Masquerade & Final Kingdom Offer

One (1) Masquerade Book

  • In the theater of your mind, walk with Jesus and His disciples along the shores of Galilee during a particularly revelatory time of His ministry. Sit spellbound in a synagogue service and witness Jesus’ glorious presence there.
  • Discover the long-veiled truth of how the Matthew chapter 13 “Kingdom parables” are specifically connected to our day.
  • Understand how those very same parables are also linked to Paul’s 2 Thessalonians’ prophecies of the last days, the rise of the antichrist, and the “last day’s temple of God.”
  • Discover the major gateways to demonic infestation.
  • Learn how to affect true deliverance from the addictions that follow.
  • Find out the truth about Satan (not your typical Bible study version!) Find out what demons can and cannot do.
  • Rip off the masks of Satan’s agenda, and be infused with a renewed resolve to courageously advance the Kingdom work of Jesus Christ!
  • Learn of a specific endtime vision, the testimony of which is literally sweeping the planet today!

BONUS One (1) Gods of the Final Kingdom Book

  • What Satan did NOT know about Jesus and God’s plan of the ages
  • How Satan became the hunted, rather than the hunter, and the shocking biblical truth concerning his final demise
  • How Satan literally used and manipulated the nations of history on his cosmic, interdimensional quest to find the seed that would eventually crush his head, and what his plan is now
  • What the Bible discloses about time travel, multiple dimensions, portals, and how modern science supports it all
  • The contextual biblical truth that may forever change what you thought you knew about death
  • Where everything in the universe is actually heading, including you
  • Clear answers to deep theological conundrums that will forever change the way you read and understand Scripture

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