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Safari ME EMP Bag

Safari ME EMP Bag

With this offer, you will receive: (1) Safari ME EMP Bag

Shipping Included in the Continental US

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With this offer, you will receive: (1) Safari ME EMP Bag

Shipping Included in the Continental US


  • This protects your generators and any other electronic devices small enough to fit inside the bag from an electromagnetic pulse. Those pulses come from nuclear weapon detonation or an EMP weapon.
  • The bag is essentially a Faraday cage composed of a nylon shell with copper mesh interior and an interior nylon sleeve.
  • It will redirect the electromagnetic pulse around the device and ground the power surge without any effect to the equipment inside the bag.

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Partner Questions & Answers

7 months 8 days ago

Will the older models of Lion solar generators that Jim Bakker sold a few years ago fit into this new bag?

7 months 7 days ago

Greetings Sherrie,

Thank you for your inquiry about the the Safari ME EMP Bag. Looking at the dimension of the previous models, they should fit this EMP bag without a problem. Have a blessed day.

7 months 9 days ago

Are the solar panels vulnerable to EMP?

7 months 8 days ago

Greetings Babb,
Thank you for your inquiry. Solar panels are vulnerable when they are plugged in and in use. If they are disconnected at the time the EMP hits, it is believed that solar panels should survive. Have a blessed day.


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