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The Milieu Book Offer

The Milieu Book Offer

The Milieu Book Offer

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  • One (1) The Milieu: Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance book

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With this offer you will receive:

One (1) The Milieu: Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance book

In The Milieu: Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance, you will learn:

  • The purpose and importance of the resistance group known as the Milieu
  • Why is it important for the Church to be involved in the discussion about transhumanism
  • The glaring, spiritual symbolism of the transhuman worldview, and how the Promethean Faith (a.k.a., Religion of Man) is far more a religion than its disciples openly acknowledge
  • What is driving the Christian Transhuman movement
  • What methods are currently being used to gradually indoctrinate Church and society with utopian transhuman concepts
  • Why going from flawed man to enhanced beast doesn’t solve humanity’s dilemmas and only serves to reveal deeply-rooted philosophical challenges
  • The link between artificial intelligence and the image of the Beast from Revelation
  • Why a pro-transhuman Milieu group is forming at the Vatican right now, and what plans they have in mind for humanity’s future
  • How nanotechnology existing at this moment will soon allow for human-robot offspring and why that might be the very technology that ushers in the Antichrist.
  • PLUS! Two chapters from Thomas and Nita Horn s Forbidden Gates discussing the coming Hell Scenario and the spiritual warfare ramifications of merging man with beast or machine.

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