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The Watchers DVD Bundle

The Watchers DVD Bundle

The Watchers DVD Bundle

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  • One (1) The Watchers DVD Bundle

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One (1) The Watchers DVD Bundle

Watchers 9: Days of Chaos DVD

  • Attempts to pull together a team of experts to try and answer some of the most disturbing questions about the times in which we live.
  • Host/Author L.A. Marzulli covers many topics of interest: Dr. Brooks Agnew tells us about EMPs and Jade HELM.
  • We investigate the bee die-off, the 7 year drought in California, violence increasing, Director Richard Shaw found aliens in the Kumburgaz UFO footage and shows how he did it, a pastor in Iran tells us that Yeshua is visiting

The Best of the Watchers DVD

  • A seven year excursion that takes you on a special kind of adventure.
  • It’s about the Supernatural, and people flocked to it to gain awareness on forbidden subjects like UFOs, the Shroud of Turin, the Torah Codes, alien implants, the giants, and even life after death…
  • All these and more were why people always clamored for the next WATCHERS. Now you’ll get to see what many think were the best moments in WATCHERS.
  • Excerpts of some of the greatest and most powerful true stories.
  • This Special film about Watchers is the best introduction to the entire 14 hour series.
  • The Best of Watchers is 2 hours and 23 minutes.
  • Brace yourself — there’s not another series like it!


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