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Mount Sinai in Arabia – Joel Richardson


Mount Sinai is the very place where God’s presence was revealed in “a blazing fire” (Hebrews 12:18). This is the mountain where Elijah fled to and heard the “still small” voice of God (1 Kings 19). It is also likely the place where Paul the apostle traveled to shortly after his conversion experience to receive a fuller revelation of his gospel from heaven. It is a mountain that is literally drenched with divine history. So where is Mount Sinai?

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Joel Richardson – Mideast Beast


Mideast Beast completes and establishes the revolutionary argument introduced in Joel Richardson’s New York Times bestselling Islamic Antichrist, namely that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, whose empire will arise out of the Middle East.

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Israel & Middle East In Prophecy


With this offer you will receive:

  • (1) Mystery of Catastrophe by Joel Richardson and Nathan Graves
  • (1) Mount Sinai of Arabia by Joel Richardson
  • (1) A Lasting Peace by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
  • (1) Evening Service with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
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PTL Television Network Donation

The PTL Television Network hosts Prophets such as Joel Richardson, Rick Joyner, Tom Horn and many more, as well as Classic PTL episodes, Pastor Jim’s Revelation Teaching and of course our classic and most recent tapings of the Jim Bakker Show.

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First Annual Defender Conference 2019 DVD

  • (1) First Annual Defender Conference 2019 DVD
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Defend Your Faith Bundle


Bundle Includes

  • (1) First Annual Defender Conference 2019- Four (4) DVD Set
  • (1) Bad Moon Rising Book
  • (1) Gods of the Final Kingdom Book
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