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Donation Offers

Let every man give according to the purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or out of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Morningside exists because of people like you who believe in our message and with cheerful hearts and prayer, give their gifts to support us. Many times requests are made for special donations that will go for a specific project or parts of this ministry. We have made this special donation page to feature some of these popular special projects or causes. God bless you for your gift to this ministry and for your continued prayers!  We love you!  

Help Us Finish Our Studio

Proceeds from this donation will benefit the construction and buying of equipment for our new Broadcast Studio at the Old Mill Inn. Any amount may be keyed in for your donation.

Morningside School of Media Donation

Give a one-time donation to support the ministry of Morningside School of Media. Any dollar amount can be keyed in for your donation.

Help Us Finish the Vision

Proceeds from this donation will go towards the construction of cottages for our new Mothers from Lori’s House and their families to help with the transition into their new life. Any amount may be keyed in for your donation.

PTL Television Network Donation

The PTL Television Network hosts Prophets such as Joel Richardson, Rick Joyner, Tom Horn and many more, as well as Classic PTL episodes, Pastor Jim’s Revelation Teaching and of course our classic and most recent tapings of the Jim Bakker Show.

By donating to the PTL Television Network you are helping to share the message of hope, restoration and revelation to the world!