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Healing Power From God’s Creation

Transform your health with organic products controlled from the source. Get 10x to 20x the absorption with OptiHemp. Potency and benefits you can feel. Purity you can trust.

100% Natural

Highest Quality Hemp Strains

Grown in the USA for Optivida

No pesticides, No Fungicides

Organic/Non-GMO/No THC


Includes one 2 ounce bottle with 540mg of full spectrum Hemp Extract from certified organic hemp, processed without the use of heat, pressure, solvents, or alcohol to maintain nutritional integrity of extract. Our hemp extract uses a proprietary delivery system which increases the bio-availability (absorption by the body) up to 10 x over taking Hemp in any other form. Each serving size provides 18 mg of Hemp Extract, but the equivalent of 180 mg in actual absorption and utilization by the body as compared to other forms of Hemp.