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In his riveting new book, You Can Make It, Pastor Jim Bakker pulls back the curtain and recounts the many struggles he and his family experienced in 2020. Viewers of The Jim Bakker Show will remember the multiple attacks on our platform and giving platforms, including litigation from across the country and petitions. The Bakker family even shares intimate moments from the night of Jim’s stroke, where he was given a 50-50 chance to live or die while a tornado warning stretched across the city. Through it all, miracles took place at every turn as God intervened and set Pastor Jim, his family and ministry on a new path for the future.

God’s final time clock is running, and it cannot be stopped. But if recent events have taught Pastor Jim anything, it is that there is security in the body of Christ and God will never abandon us. No matter what you are facing, you can make it. Jim’s testimony of how God brought him through an agonizing year of events shows how God will help you through times when you are struggling to understand the dark times of the past, present, and future. This book is nothing short of a testament to God’s faithfulness. Midnight is about to strike, and God will return very soon for those who love Him. We may be in for unprecedented times, but when the dust settles, those who have prepared and committed their ways to the Lord will find themselves still standing.

There is hope for you, the church, and America, but it can only be found in Jesus Christ. It is time to awaken from your spiritual slumber and fix your eyes on the horizon. Our Savior is returning soon, and He has a job for us all to do! Learn how your can find hope, faith, and courage during this critical and pivotal time for our country, our church, and our faith.