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Unlocking Your Story Bundle


With this offer, you will receive:

  • (1) UNLOCKING YOUR STORY “Releasing the power of your personal story” WORKBOOK (43 PAGES)
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Prophetic Words of 2019 Offer


With this special offer you will receive:

(1) Prophetic words of 2019 Book

  • What is the Holy Spirit saying for 2019?
  • Get ready to receive a blueprint for 2019 and Hebrew Year 5779 from some of the leading prophets and prophetic voices across the world!
  • Featuring both world-renowned prophets and emerging prophetic voices, this compilation of timely prophetic words offers a revelatory presentation of insights that provide perspective, direction, hope, and encouragement for the coming season.
  • The Lord is thundering from Heaven in this season, “No More Delay!” These prophetic words are your invitation to partner with Heaven in prayer to see the purposes of God come to pass in your life, family, and nation!
  • BONUS: Evening Service with Larry Sparks, Evening Service With Charlie Shamp, And Charlie Shamp Youtube Prophecy on Jan 2. on (1) one DVD
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The Mysteries Volume 19


This 8-disc set includes the following teachings from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger of Baal; The Idumean Mystery; Days of the Tishbite; The Mystery of the Zygote; The Sixth Day of Revelation Mystery; The Secrets of Joy and Science of Joy II; The Adderet; The Matrix World and Heaven’s Womb.

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John Kilpatrick Bundle


With this offer you will receive:

  • (1) Power of the Brokers CD Set (4 cds)
  • (1) JBS DVD tapings
  • BONUS First the Attack then the Blessing CD
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Igniting the Prophetic Bundle


In Cleansing and Igniting the Prophetic, you will learn to hear from Heaven and declare with power, boldness, and authority that produce results. Whether you are a prophet or operate in the gift of prophecy, these words can protect you from great deception, ushering you into the next level of power that God wants to release through His people!

Bonus DVD: Evening Service with Jeremiah Johnson

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The Valley Bundle


With your donation of $25 you will receive:

  • The new book by Rick Joyner “Fire on the Mountain-Book Two: The Valley”
  • The Jim Bakker Show Taping with Rick Joyner on October 23, 2018
  • Evening Service at Morningside Church with Rick Joyner
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Pastor Jim’s 31 Things Message MP3


On December 31, 1999 at Rick Joyner’s Prophetic Conference, God gave Jim a vision of 31 Things that would happen during the time the bible calls “the beginning of sorrows” in Mark 13:8. All but a few of these visions have come to pass.

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The Harbinger Man DVD


There are few books that alter the course of a nation. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger is such a book. It burst onto theNew York Timesbest-seller list in early 2012 and stayed there for more than one hundred weeks. Then Cahn did it again with The Mystery of the Shemitah, an instant bestseller in 2015.

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Trump Aftershock Bundle


With this bundle you will receive:

  • Trump Aftershock book by Dr Stephen E Strang
  • Bonus DVD Podcast interview conducted by Dr Stephen Strang with Pastor Jim


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The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked DVD


Is it possible there exists a 3,000-year-old mystery that…

Is determining America’s future, the world’s future – and your future?

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Confronting Terrorism DVD


Brigitte Gabriel is a leading expert in providing information and analysis on the rise of global Islamic terrorism. She knows first hand the motivations and drive of terrorists with a lifetime of witness to the horrors and a powerful ideology that is capable of altering basic human instincts. Named as one of the top 50 most prominent speakers in America, Brigitte Gabriel has a powerful message on terrorism and current affairs in Confronting Terrorism and what she shares here at Morningside will never let you look at the Middle East the same again.

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